Colorado could shut its coal-fired power plants and save Colorado could save $2.5 billion by rapidly shutting down its coal power plants In the Centennial State, greener and cheaper are one and the same. By David Roberts @drvolts Updated Jan 8, 2019, 5 Three coal-burning power plants in Colorado face orders to Colorado air quality regulators on Friday moved to order three coal-fired power plants to close by the end of 2028 to cut regional haze and meet Colorado greenhouse reduction targets. The operators of the three plants had all said they would voluntarily close their units by 2030, but the Air Quality Control Commission, in a preliminary decision

Colorado could shut its coal-fired power plants and save Summary: Replacing all of Colorado’s aging coal plants with a mix of wind, solar, natural gas and storage could save the state’s electric customers in excess of $250 million per year. Resulting in a cumulative saving of over $2.5 billion in through 2040, while reducing emissions by 510 million metric tons and increasing electric sector jobs.Closing Colorado Coal Would Save $2.5 Billion. A New New research shows retiring Colorado coal plants could save $2.5 billion and add 15,000 new jobs - and a proposal in the state legislature could generate private investment to help utilities close Environmental Groups Celebrate Plan To Retire 5 Of Environmental Groups Celebrate Plan To Retire 5 Of Colorado’s Largest Coal-Fired Power Plants In 2028 Colorado power plants AQCC to shut down Craig 3 by the end of 2029. Its Craig 2 Xcel gets green light from Colorado for $2.5 billion clean The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has approved a $2.5 billion plan by Xcel Energy to close coal-fired power plants and add a hefty dose of wind and solar generation so 55 percent of the

2 More Western Utilities Move to Close Coal Plants Early Colorado wants to get half of its power from renewable sources by 2030 and 90 percent by 2050. decided to shut down its 280-megawatt Rawhide coal-fired plant by 2030, 16 years ahead of its

Coal-fired power plants are closing early and Colorado They have been used in the past few years to finance the closure of a $1.3 billion nuclear plant in Florida and a $390 million coal-fired plant in Michigan. MORE: Colorado power companies bet big on net-zero emissions as state debates 100% renewable energy future. Savings on bonds could be used to help communities

COVER STORY - Colorado PoliticsDemocratic state Rep. Chris Hansen, whose district encompasses east Denver, referenced a recently released analysis by Vibrant Clean Energy called the “Colorado Coal Retirement Study” that concludes the state could save more than $2.5 billion through 2040 by retiring its fleet of coal-fired power plants, while simultaneously increasing