(PDF) Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on Stress Corrosion Cracking of In NS4 deoxygenated solution, the SCC of X70 pipeline steel is controlled by a combined electrochemical process in which anodic reactions and hydrogen Journal of Chinese Society for Corrosion and protectionKey words: oxidation reduction potential dissolved oxygen content pH value 20 Guoxian ZHAO et al., Corrosion Science and Protection Technology, 2018.

Couple effect of hydrostatic pressure and dissolved oxygen on In this report, couple effect of HP and DO (HP + DO) on corrosion behaviour of low-alloy high strength steel in 3.5 wt-% NaCl solution was investigated by 1 The effect of environmental variables on early corrosion of high temperature, salinity and dissolved oxygen on the corrosion behaviour of two steel grades used for mooring chains and to develop an empirical model Materials | Free Full-Text | Coupling Effects of pH and Dissolved In an acidic red soil environment, the corrosion mechanism of X80 steel may be closely related to the pH value and oxygen content, but it has not yet formed a 

Corrosion Behavior of Austenitic Stainless Steel in High Sulphate The solution (media) was prepared according to the same composition as seawater including pH, salinity and dissolved oxygen. The corrosion mechanism were Dissolved Oxygen Influences Magnesium Corrosion :: ChemViews 2 Oct 2018 Why did you study the role of dissolved oxygen? Usually, when we talk about metallic corrosion, this means that the metal is oxidized and Wenjun Kuang - post doc - University of Michigan | LinkedInInfluence of dissolved oxygen concentration on the oxide film formed on Alloy 690 in high temperature water. Corrosion Science 2013. Other authors. X.-Q. Wu