Navajo Generating Station - WikipediaNavajo Generating Station was a 2.25-gigawatt (2,250 MW), coal-fired power plant located on the Navajo Nation, near Page, Arizona United States.This plant provided electrical power to customers in Arizona, Nevada, and California.It also provided the power for pumping Colorado River water for the Central Arizona Project, supplying about 1.5 million acre feet (1.85 km 3) of water annually to Navajo Generating Station – WikipediaDie Navajo Generating Station war ein US-amerikanisches Kohlekraftwerk in der Navajo Nation Reservation, in der Nähe von Page im Bundesstaat Arizona. Das Kraftwerk mit einer Leistung von 2250 Megawatt versorgte Kunden in Arizona, Nevada und Kalifornien mit Strom. Zudem wurde die Energie genutzt, um 1,85 Mio. m³ Wasser jährlich aus dem Colorado River für das Central Arizona Project nach Navajo Generating Station – WikipedieNavajo Generating Station je uhelná elektrárna nacházející se poblí Page v Arizon.Elektrárna má ti bloky, kadý s instalovaným výkonem 750 MW, její celkový instalovaný výkon je tudí 2250 MW.Její ti komíny jsou vysoké 236 metr a patí mezi nejvyšší stavby v Arizon.Talk:Navajo Generating Station - WikipediaI have just modified 2 external links on Navajo Generating Station. Please take a moment to review my edit. If you have any questions, or need the bot to ignore the links, or the page altogether, please visit this simple FaQ for additional information. I made the following changes:Category:Navajo Generating Station - Wikimedia CommonsEnglish: The Navajo Generating Station is a coal-fired powerplant with a power of 2280 megawatts located on the Navajo Indian Reservation, near Page, Arizona, United States. See also category: Black Mesa and Lake Powell Railroad .Navajo - WikipediaThe Navajos (/ n æ v. . h o, n -/; British English: Navaho; Navajo: Diné or Naabeehó) are a Native American people of the Southwestern United States.. At more than 300,000 enrolled tribal members as of 2015, the Navajo Nation is the largest federally recognized tribe in the U.S. (the Cherokee Nation being the second largest) the Navajo Nation has the largest reservation in the Four Corners Generating Station - WikipediaThe Four Corners Generating Station originally consisted of five units with a total rated generating capacity of about 2,040 megawatts. Units 1, 2, and 3 (permanently shut down in 2014 as part of a $182 million plan for Arizona Public Service Co. to meet environmental regulations) had a combined generating capacity of 560 megawatts while units 4 and 5 each have a generating capacity of 770 MW.

Navajo Generating Station - Global Energy MonitorNavajo Generating Station and the Kayenta Mine contribute about $140 million in revenue and wages to the Navajo Nation, while the Hopi Tribe receives $13 million for its coal and water. Some 1,000 people are employed at the plant and the coal mine, the majority being American Indians.

Page, Arizona - WikipediaThe other power plant to the southeast is the Navajo Generating Station, which ceased operations in 2019. It was a coal-fired steam plant with an output capability of 2,250,000 kilowatts. In 1997, Antelope Canyon was discovered on Navajo land adjacent to Page. This natural slot canyon, formed by erosion, has created a steady increase in tourism