Rockville, MD - Official Website | Official WebsiteCity City Hall remains closed, but city staff continue to work regular business hours.Rockville, MD - Official WebsiteInformation about Rockville Town Center Park.4 acres Chess boards; Interactive fountain - For hours of operation, visit the Rockville Town Square website.

Rockville, MD - Official WebsiteWhen the 131-acre RedGate golf course closed, the City of Rockville Mayor and Council voted unanimously to keep the land — one of the city’s largest remaining areas of open space — as a park. Over the next year, the community is invited to join the city to envision — and design — the details.

Services | Rockville, MD - Official WebsiteThe City of Rockville regulates zoning and development in the city to create and maintain the quality of buildings and land use. Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement To support and protect our diverse communities, Rockville offers services that enhance equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the city.City of Rockville Employee Resources - Official WebsiteWelcome to the City of Rockville&39;s intranet site for employees. To proceed, you will need your City of Rockville network login and password. If you do not know your City of Rockville network password, you can reset it below. For assistance, email the help desk or call 240-314-8172.

Rockville, MD - Official WebsiteAgenda Minutes Media Download Jan 25, 2021 — Posted Jan 13, 2021 12:36 PM . Mayor and Council Meeting – January 25, 2021 | Meeting No. 03-21 (Vote to go into Closed Session- City Manager Performance Review) Meeting No: 132 621 2668 Password: CS12521

Rockville, MD - Official WebsiteResidents Sought for Service on Charter Review Commission

Community Centers | Rockville, MD - Official WebsiteWe are pleased to announce our community centers will have a staggered reopening on the dates below with limited hours of service and amenities, following COVID-19-related executive orders and regulations. The community centers are only available to current members and City of Rockville residents. Advanced online reservations are required.

Catalog - City of Rockville, MDCity of Rockville, MD uses your Facebook or Google account to login or sign up. A credit will be applied to your City of Rockville account for registrations under $20 (exceptions: nature, senior, swim and teen programs). We are committed to providing quality programs and facilities. If you are unhappy with our services, please contact us.