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A Long, Urgent To-Do List for the New Secretary of Energy DOE’s applied energy programs have $1.8 billion left over from prior year funding that the Trump administration failed to spend, on top of the 2021 budget of about $6 billion. The agency should French government blocks U.S. LNG deal as too dirtyThe French government stepped in to force a domestic company to delay signing a potential $7 billion deal with a U.S. liquefied natural gas company last month over concerns that its U.S. shale gas

Investing in new energy infrastructure: Green light for EU EU Member States agreed yesterday on a Commission proposal to invest €998 million in key European energy infrastructure projects under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Yesterday’s positive vote provides financial aid for works and studies for ten projects. The largest amount of funding goes to the Baltic Synchronisation Project (€720 million), to better integrate the electricity

A blockchain start-up just raised $4 billion, without a Start-up Block.one raised $4 billion, eclipsing all but two of the world&39;s biggest initial public offerings this year, but the product is not live and investors still don&39;t know how the majority

Smart Local Energy Systems for net zero carbon - Innovate UKThat’s why we’re investing over £100 million in the Energy Revolution challenge. The aim: to show that such systems can provide cleaner, cheaper energy services that people want, build more prosperous and resilient communities, and offer good opportunities for investors. Projects showing the way to UK net zero

This Stock Is America&39;s 5G &39;Landlord&39;, And It Pays A 3.8% For example: It took California over 800 days just to process an application for a small cell tower from AT&T! And FCC figures show it takes an average of 18 months to get a new cell tower approved.

Bill Gates invests $650 million in “under-the-radar “Bill Gates has quietly picked up 5.3 million shares of one under-the-radar company with the keys to a startling new technology. “His total investment adds up to more than $650 million in cold hard cash… “And it means investors like you and I should be paying very close attention.”